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Welcome to the Family

The lifestyle Program is about building strong foundations for our youth.  We are here to help guide you in making the best choices for your well being that involve healthy habits and athletic youth development.

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           Program Phases


3 classes a week (1.5 hours each) - the class is designed to train members on:

-proper stretching techniques

-warm up routines for the heart rate

-cardio boot camp style courses

-strength training, agility and resistance routines

-soccer, dodgeball, sand volleyball games

*Each Class is designed differently regarding warm ups, cardio and strength training- Last 30 minutes is Team Sport*

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           Lifestyle Habits- Family Life

For each member to succeed with the most effective results the training should not finish at the Venue.  The parents should also be on board with encouraging healthy habits and choices regarding nutrition at home.  A healthy diet will enable our youth to perform better in every aspect of their lives.  Your child will benefit from increased energy by partaking in more physical activity, better sleeping habits and overall attentiveness and energy.

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We encourage our group of kids to work together and cheer eachother on. It doesnt matter the age children have different abilities and we work with them to advance them based on their levels.  Their strengths and athletic abilities grow over time and we urge our families and kids to have consistency with our program.  We see much improvement over time so consistency and encouragement is the key and what we promote at 305.


We customize workouts for our youth that are based on standard safe exercises and movements for that age group.  We utilize alot of body weight for strength training to grow muscle with added tools to maximize workouts. We are always alternating tools to benefit the entire body with a strong focus on Core Strength. A large portion of our workout is based on cardio to get the heart rates healthy and to keep the youth active. We also promote the use of light weight kettle balls, parachute running, sand bags, resistance bands

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