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Welcome to the 305 Family

Each Member will go through a Fitness Assessment on the first day they chose to join 305

We would like to recognize what areas are strengths and weaknesses of the athlete 

The Assessment will consist of the Individuals

  Body Mass Index

Physical Activity Test-  Cones Marked Course, Flexibility and Stretch Test

Stopwatch Speed Test

*Any target factors of weight loss, physical movement or even confidence that your Child needs concentration on will be focused and followed up on* 

5 week season Fees

Summer Youth Program-01.png

Are you ready? Perform Better, Move Faster, Work Harder, Get Stronger! Our Program benefits include Athletic and Fitness Development, Team Work Development, Healthy Lifestyle & Nutritional Habits & Enhance Confidence and Socialization. 

Each "Season" Members will receive an "Achievement" Certificate to encourage sense of Accomplishment.  Top Performers will receive special rewards to ensure Hard Work and Ethics in our Youth.  Nest Step after each "Season" will be new Goals and Challenges to become Elite Performers. 

We will re-evaluate, Change & Introduce New Programs based on Athletic Levels. Our Coaches are Qualified and Certified in a Vast Majority of Fitness & Sport Certifications and Experience.

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           Group Bootcamps/ Private Sessions


 Sessions can be customized 

All Sessions are Personalized around each Individual Needs 

Weight Loss/ Meal Plans/ Exercise Programs

Email or Call for more Information

*An Assessment will take place and a Program will be Established*

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