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Wael Kayal

Wael's expertise and background started at a very young age with a passion for soccer.  He went on to play for the national team of KSA and for the Ahli Club.  Playing Soccer on a college scholarship in the USA gave him more knowledge and experience about health and fitness. Wael was also involved in Kid's Athletic camps in the States of Mississippi, South Carolina and Florida. He was born an Athlete and has been consistent his entire life and competitive in the Industry.  Wael is certified with Cross Fit Training from Miami, Florida and incorporates techniques into his program. He is also a member of the A.C.A in Jeddah representing the Assembly of Former Futbol Stars and is the Sport Director.

The 305 Lifestyle Program is based on Wael's Intention and Ambition to bring his knowledge and experiences back to his home country of KSA for the Kingdoms Youth.  The Program covers the fundamentals needed to secure a strong foundation for a healthier lifestyle.  This is promoted through a disciplined lifestyle of Athletics and Nutrition. Wael provides the children with skills, motivation and knowledge to make "fit and healthy" choices everyday. The program benefits boys and girls.

Coach Wael and daughter Haifa
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